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  • Chevelle Copeland

Protect your hair with Style

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Naturallychevy Custom Units(wigs) are the perfect protective style.

Why a wig you ask?

Fully customizable: wether it be legnth, color, style(tapercut, straight,curly, wavy etc)

. Removable: My absolute favorite part of wearing my units is that I can take them off. Though some people opt to sew them down I usually clip mine in daily.(totally secure takes less than 2 mins) I usually wear 2 neat braids under my wig so I can go to the gym comfortably and go home and put my wig on and step out fashionably!

Allows faster access to my hair and scalp. Even if you are sewing down your unit you can easily remove daily/weekly/bi-weekly to cleanse and treat your own hair despite the fact you can consitently rock your wig fornthe whole year if you wanted. A huge advantage tonthe traditional sewin weave.

Absolutely no hair left out! 100% of your hair can rest which is what you want from a true protective and low manipulation style.

Investment: upfront you may think a wig is too pricey truth be told its not. If you were going to get a sewin it would cost you about the same. Only thing is 2 months later younhave to take your sewin out and pay again tp reinstally vs taking your wig off and 2 yeara later still have the ability to put it on and go!

Have you worn a custom wig before? What are your thoughts? Please share below!

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